UV Light Sanitizer Box India Certified By DRDO

  • Corona Sanitizer Box kills 99% virus.
  • Tested & certified by DRDO, Govt. of India.
  • Eco-friendly & non-contact sanitization within 1-5 minutes.
  • Rust proof chamber with 8 W ultra vilet tube
  • Portable virus Disinfector Completely safe
  • Dimension (L×B×H) – 403 × 200 × 250 mm
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How long  UV Light Sanitizer Box takes to sterilize things?

UV light sanitizer boxes are usually very fast when it comes about the timing of sterilization of things, according to the testing of this sanitizer box it only takes almost 1 to 5 minutes which is descent.

Because if you want to sterilize a virus that has created havoc around the world than it is really very good to know that this can be sterilized within very short duration of time.

Benefit of the UV light under the box

There are so many advantages of uv light in the box:-

  • UV light is harmful for human body , so, that is why if we want to sterilize anything apart from human from the ultra violet light , we use this completely safe box.
  • it kills almost 99.99% of different kinds of virus from various surfaces.
  • The UV Light Sanitizer Box prevents the uv light to come out from the box, so that it can not harm nothing except the virus.

Does UV light box sterilize vegetables?

There are so many studies that says the UV light sanitizer box actually sterilize the fruits and vegetables. but we do not claim this to be exactly true. so what we recommend is one can do it only after the recommendation from the manufacturer.

UV light sterilizes number of things like mobiles, masks etc. In light of covid 19 situation this is very useful accessory that people must have in their homes.

How to Use?

UV light sanitizer box is very simple to use, whatever that you want to sterilize put it in the box and just wait for 1 minute , after 1 minute an alarm will alert you to take out the thing outside from it, there is a reminder also provided after 5 minutes of sterilization completion.

Basic information of the product

In the light of covid 19 situation around the world ,Corona sanitizer box which uses ultra violet light technology which proven in the globe for sterilization ,tested and certified DRDO i.e. Defence reserch and developement organisation designed for office purpose and home use.

This is Make in India project used ultra violet light ray technology that almost sterilses 98 percent harmful virus like corona , encephlitis,rubella etc. UV light sanitizer box stops and does not allow further virus transmission.

It provides very portable and lightweight designed uv light box that can be placed anywhere you want like in office or in your home. there is an auto cut off feature of the light when the box door becomes open.This process of UV light sterilization provides eco friendly and non contact sanitization to your different things.

Why to Buy?

  • This UV Light Sanitizer Box is made up under the “Make In India” program. which empowers india in making and getting new technologies introduced in the country.
  • The product is tested and certified by the reputed indian organisation  named as DRDO(Defence Research and Developement Organisation) which further ensures the quality working of the product, so the customer can be double sure about the genuiness of the uv light sanitizer box.
  • Highly portable so that one can use it anywhere they want, it can be used in clinics, in homes, other working places where there is need of sterilizations of things.
  • It has two ultra violet tubelights of 8 watt power which are placed opposite to each other with highly reflective glass that ensures the 360 degree sanitization of your different things.
  • If you are who needs to sterilize all the things in a day like car key, mobile, fruits and vegetables, bread packets etc. we think uv light sanitizer box will perfectly suits and fulfill all the requirements in the covid 19 situation.

About UV Light

You may have noticed about ultra violet light exposure can cause harm to your body, it can cause redness of skin and other problems, in similar manner UV Light(ultra violet light) kills the viruses, germs and bacterias, and this method is now being used in different sanitizing process these days.

Particularly  UV-C Light is what used in the sanitizing process, ultra violet light has a wavelength ranging between 200 to 280 nano meters.

there are various kinds of ultra violet lights providing all of them here. ultra violet A, ultra violet B, ultra vilet C, near , middle and far ultra violet,Hydrogen ,vaccum and extreme UV.

Everybody knows that the ultra violet light comes from the sun naturally, but in the case of UV-C light it can genrated artificially using specially designed tubelights , in the market you can find lots of manufacturers who sell these tubelights.



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