Best First Aid Box For Home In India 2020


Are you thinking about buying a First Aid Box For Home?

Then you are in the right place because in this post I will suggest you best first aid kits that will help to ensure you and your family stay safe.

Here, we are going to discuss that which first aid kit is best for your family in 2020 so that you can buy a first aid kit at affordable prices for your home without any doubt!

So read this table of content because here is my list of Best First Aid Box For Home In India 2020



Milton Medical Box

Best First Aid Box


  • Compact shape for easy storage
  • Partition tray for segregation
  • See-through lid with handle
  • With Secure Closure
  • Cross Symbol for Easy Identification
  • Substantial Storage Capacity


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The Medical kit has a compact shape which makes the box easy to carry around for any emergency purposes.

Because of its compact dimensions box can be easily stored in a medicine cabinet or in your car.

The First Aid Box equipped with a partitioned tray that neatly segregates the medicines so you can find the correct medicine at the time of emergency or injury.

The secure closure of this kit, stores the medicines safely in a compact and organized manner.

Comes with a plus symbol on the Medical kit which makes it easily recognizable as a first aid kit.



High-quality plastic

The convenient partitioned movable tray

Its Top cover is transparent which makes it easy to see the things inside.

A lot of space below the movable tray



Not air-tight

Hassle in Opening and closing


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SHOPPOSTREET Lockable Medicine First Aid kits | Storage Box

Best First Aid Box For Home In India 2020


  • The multipurpose storage container box 
  • Perfect for home, school, office.
  • Enough space to contain emergency first-aid items
  • Divider tray to store scattered medicines
  • Carry handle for easy handling


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The First Aid box provides you enough space because of which you can put many things in it like bandages, scissors, tablets, syrup and etc

For medicines safety the First Aid box comes with a two-sided secure lock.

The transparent medical kit cover design makes it more convenient to find the necessary medicines in emergency time.

The First Aid kit is greatly versatile and shows you a simple and convenient storage solution to all the emergency first-aid items so that it comes handy when needed..

With the help of its handle, you can lift it while you need to carry your medical box out. If no need, it can also be carried to save the storage space.



Good quality plastic

Durable and Easy to use

Good for storing all your medicines in one place.



Height is not sufficient, you can’t even keep a 60ml medicine bottle 


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RYLAN First aid Lockable Medicine Storage Box 

Best First Aid Box For Home In India 2020


  • Made of durable quality plastic
  • Waterproof and non-toxic
  • Handle Design & 2 Side Buckle Design
  • Convenient to close and open
  • You can use it Anywhere
  • With dual-sided lock


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You can utilize it to put some little staff while the big bottles can be put at the bottom part of the medical box.

It’s a tiny plastic medical kit which you can put anywhere, no need to take up too much space.

The Cross symbol logo on the white First Aid kit gives the box the look of a neat and organized first aid box.

The box comes with the dimensions of 11.8” X 9.8” x 6.3” inch which can store all sorts of drugs in a compact way. 

Keep your medicines sorted out in case of major emergencies with this medical box from RYLAN



Convenient and durable

Value for money

Easy to use for any traveling point



Not yet


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aaKaR Sonal Medical First Aid kit

Best First Aid Box


  • Multipurpose Storage Box for Everyday Use 
  • Removable Tray with separate sections
  • Convenient Handle for easy to take it
  • With Secure lock system
  • Compact shape and lightweight


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This is a Perfect medical kit to store your all necessary medicines, lotion, bandages, cream required in first treatment in case of any emergency. 

Keep your all the necessary medical stuff in this organized First Aid Box.

This Medical First Aid Box is made of highly durable and strong quality plastic for long-term use. 

It’s Compact Size Makes it Easy to Carry Medicines or First Aid Kit while Travelling anywhere.

Comes With a Convenient Handle that ensures to take it anywhere with you without any hassle. 



Nice build quality

Storage capacity is satisfactory

Can be used for multiple purposes



Not yet


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Frequently asked questions about First Aid Box

Q) What should be in a medical kit?

Medicines, lotion, bandages, cream, ointments, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, tweezers are the eight basic things that should be in a medical kit.


Q) What is the minimum first aid kit price in India?

The minimum first aid kit price in India is rs.1000 included some necessary medicines.


Q) From where I can buy a first aid kit for my home?

You can buy a first aid kit from any medical store or from online stores. 


Q) Can I use this first aid kit in car.

Yes, of course, you can also use it in your car.


Now at last after reading this review article I hope you understand that which medical kit is best for you and your family.

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